Annual CSS Naked Day - Playboy Braille Edition

“A post over on Cool Hunting about Braille Playboy

If you missed the styless layout today first I can only say its temporary and on purpose. Thanks to a guy called Dustin Diaz who thought up the idea of having a CSS Naked Day starting today. It takes major clout and traffic to get something like this off the ground as a spontaneous grass roots event.

So I got up this morning and stripped off my Cascading Style Sheets on Pig Work, Pig Pen and Norty Pig. I can’t remember much after that and the next thing I know I’m looking at a post over on Cool Hunting about Braille Playboy.

Now I instantly thought of the neural connections between the Web, naked, Cascading Style Sheets, and well naked again (my partner pointed this anomoly out by the way). Oh and I forgot accessibility and equal access to content.

Actually Braille Playboy has been published by the National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped (NLS) in the United States since 1970. Without pictures of course but I can see that as being a technological barrier we’ll overcome eventually with alternate realities and holographic neural implants (funded by pornography naturally).

So while streaking your whites across the Web today it might be worth your while ordering a copy of Braille Playboy, closing your eyes, and actually having a read of all those articles you never quite read. What a fitting post to run into this morning of all days.

I was a bit late getting rid of my style sheets too in Australian time so I’ll leave it like this until the rest of the world passes through the April 5 timezone.

The famous Playboy logo

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