Sitemap My resume shows that I’m both Technical College trained and I’m a second year student studying part-time for a Bachelor of Computing degree in Hobart, Tasmania. I wouldn’t say I’m an expert on web development but I’ve attended a few courses over the last three years. Overall I agree that most courses have sucked in the way of teaching outdated methods simply because curriculums change very slowly. The University of Tasmania still teaches table layouts, insists on using frames in assignments, hardly mentions CSS, and basically sucked on that score. But they soared in explaining the underlying technologies and provided a level of detail required for a deep understanding of the subject matter. My technical college courses were delivered online and were industry best practise - although the bums on seats classes held by the same technical college had a very low bar. Unfortunately you can’t make someone read 100 pages properly so students may or may not have different levels of understanding when they graduate from either institution. I did find that many self taught people could make pages work, said on their resume they knew PHP, and yet missed basic fundamental knowledge which surprised me.