Summer School Final Exams Next Week

“Oh lucky me”

Some might notice a little less action here in the next week but that’s because I need to start hitting the books for the Summer School final exam period. I’ve got a 3 hour exam on the 8th for BMA251 Principles of Marketing and another three hour exam on the 10th for BMA121 Management of Human Resources. Oh lucky me and I wonder at this stage every time why the flying Ferrulli Brothers I keep going back for this stuff.

In the end its only an exam and a pass is a pass on an elective I guess. They’re just sad pains in the arses to cram your head with lists of repeatable facts until you need to vomit - and most of which you’ll probably unremember in the bar afterwards. They’re just hurdles.

So a quiet week on the blogs and I’ll try to get my head up to put up something interesting and not about exams. Asta la vista baby…

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