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“Have you ever heard of bluepulse?”

OK so I’ve ranted and raved and gone troppo about the mobile phone browser issue - we need applications people want to use, we need better support from manufacturers, we need to accept that this is a platform too valuable to ignore. Our sites should be looking to provide meaningful content to the mobile platform and specifically to offer mobile users core killer applications.

So why am I ranting now? Have you ever heard of bluepulse? Michael over on TechCrunch has a revue of it - Bluepulse called “Meebo for your Phone” - which is worth a read. In the comments I noticed also someone posted

I have the new Cingular 2125 running Windows Mobile 5.0 and all of this stuff is already included as standard apps. No need to download some other app to do the same thing… My phone already has AIM, MSN messenger and so on already loaded into it.

Now I won’t go on about this a whole deal but I’ll reiterate what I said a while ago about mobile browsers not being a replacement for the desktop. Its apples and oranges. But just because its apples don’t believe for a minute it won’t be a market worth a bucket of silver that you’ll be expected to cater for down the track. A good way to differentiate yourself from much of the market at the moment as a web developer will be to provide web based services accessible to mobile platforms.

OK believe it or not. But smart people are working on these things…

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  1. alan Says:

    …and all 0.001% of the current mobile population with a Cingular 2125 will already have those apps too! For the rest of the mobile consumers out there, bluepulse is a client small enough to be functional, yet still run within the memory ceiling imposed by a Java MIDP1 handset, and it can run any widget you want to write (using the free SDK and your own basic web dev skills). It’s tested and works on more than 250 handset models currently in circulation…

  2. nortypig Says:

    Hi Alan
    Thanks for the comment… cool. I hope a bit of traffic is going from here to there even if this is only a small blog as the mobile web is a bit of a passion of mine… so many businesses are not waiting for that bus yet.

    K gotta go cook some dinner. Thanks for dropping by. Cheers :)

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