Optimising Sites For 1024

“A hard look at the site statistics before I made the plunge myself “

Jason Santa Maria has pointed out Apple have now optimised their site for 1024 pixel width screens. I’ve lost track of the number of these crossing my desk but its definately a momentum thing with an ever increasing number of sites choosing to go for larger screen optimisation. As users on 800 x 600 slowly adopt larger resolutions its natural that sites will be looking to optimise on bigger screens. Personally I’d really be having a hard look at the site statistics before I made the plunge myself but I can see their point. And I’m sure a large number of sites could be better served with a more fluid layout using max-width.

The evolutionary Web is something that I think enthuses at least most of us. What a boring shite of a job to fix hoses every day all day for years and years. Or lay bricks or make pies. OK it suits some but probably not many of us. One of the best things about this business is that the rules change and technologies and platforms are evolving so we have to relearn and adapt and overcome constantly. Drop the ball for six months like I feel I have and you get the idea fast that you’re getting behind the game.

What we thrive on are projects, projects, projects… now where was that Steve Balmer Remix again?

As for Apple’s site even being a table layout with a non-validating HTML 4.01 Transitional DOCTYPE - I did say Transitional - and non-validating CSS… I hang my head and turn around slowly because that signals another good coffee is required in the office. Shame, shame, shame Apple. I thought you were progressive types but apparently not. Very disappointing. A yummy looking cherry with a bloody grub inside. For some reason I was expecting Apple to be leaders.

The non-validating table layout Apple website

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