Joe Clark On Failed Redesigns

“A far superior and more eloquent berater of the incompetant than I”

Its a good morning for controversy with one of my favourite bloggers - accessibility expert Joe Clark - hitting it into some Failed Redesigns From 2005. He’s such an eloquent evangalist with this paragraph

When teenagers’ hobbyist blogs (short for “Web logs”) have better code than brand-new Web sites, somebody’s doing something wrong. And that somebody is you, the developer. In a just society you would simply be fired; in an Orwellian society you would be sent to a reëducation camp. Failing either of those, you could at least read a fucking book and upgrade your skills to a point where you are no longer a total laughingstock.

I tip my hat to Joe as a far superior and more eloquent berater of the incompetant than I would probably ever be in my dreams. Awesome article mate and everyone should be reading it now instead of my inadequate ramble. Be gone with you to Joe’s then!

Update: 9/1/06
The WaSP have posted about this article as well if you’re following the story.

2 Responses to “Joe Clark On Failed Redesigns”

  1. Matt Robin Says:

    He’s masterful….I’m there reading it now!!!

    (You do okay too mate!)

  2. nortypig Says:

    Hi Matt
    Ha ha. I’m not in Joe’s league in either accessibility knowledge or passionate berating. I do so like to see a good pasting go up for me to look over every now and again though. Otherwise I get this complacent feeling everyone’s got the message - when I know many don’t.

    I liked the discussion he had with the copyright guy that ended with him saying to leave canada if they didn’t like the copyright laws.

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