Some Fun At The Movies

“Second one goes to Jet Li’s movie Unleashed

We’ve watched some fine movie tail here over the last few days and I thought I’d do a heads up on a couple you might want to catch yourself. Sin City with Bruce Willis as Hartigan and an all star cast - awesome. Its based on an old black and white comic strip if I remember right. Not too shabby so 8 out of 10.

Second one goes to Jet Li’s movie Unleashed which was a cross between a kung fu movie and Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. Some serious kick ass english gangster shite going on there. Another not too shabby 8 out of 10.

Hey and who’d have guessed Angelina Jolie could actually act? We watched the 2001 movie Original Sin starring Angelina Jolie and Antonio Banderas - I’d give it a 6 out of 10 but that might be harsh. I only gave the first two an 8 and may have marked them down somewhat.

I don’t usually do movie revues because there are just so many good ones out nowdays but what the hey. Enjoy the popcorn.

3 Responses to “Some Fun At The Movies”

  1. Richard Dowling Says:

    Sin City is very good, although considering the extreme hype generated by the movie I’d suggest it could be slightly overrated. Still a solid 7/10 for me. But this is one of those films that really loses its bang on the small screen.

    Original Sin, 6/10, a bit harsh you say - no way, that is an atrocious movie. I take it you watched it when it was TV the other night? Find me a serious film critic (not having a go at you by the way. Well maybe a little.) that gives this movie more than two stars. Angelina was the only thing that kept me watching as long as I did.

    While you were watching original sin I consumed First Knight, which was on at the same time. I suggest you would have yielded a much greater profit if you had made the same choice.

  2. Richard Dowling Says:

    Hmm, well done Norty. When did you allow comments to flow straight through to the blog without you harsh moderation? Is this part of the WordPress conversion. Incidentally, why did you convert (or have you already blogged the answer somewhere?)?

  3. nortypig Says:

    Hi Richard
    Yeh I liked Sin City but only avoid the big screen because I hate sitting in the theatre rubbing shoulders with talking chip packet crunchers I guess. The small screen is all I have. I can see a lot of the effects would have been better though. Sky Captain was another comic conversion that went down well with me. Maybe its because as a kid I just consumed comics so much.

    Original Sin I actually liked. What surprised me was Angelina Jolie actually acted. Usually she’s just not that believable. It was easy to believe her as a slutty bitch. Oh she probably is one. Ha ha.

    Seen First Knight on video a while ago. I’d only rate that from memory at about 3 or a 4 out of 10…

    Ahh the moderation thing. Well I had a really old insecure version of WordPress 1.2.2 which gets spammed like crazy. So of course eventually a hacker came along with one of those you’re my bitch, stop the war and your page is insecure hijacks. After 1.2.2 WordPress changed how the files are set up and have a thing now called themes. So rebuilding my design into themes wasn’t as simple as just upgrading and I never had time. Anyway I still have the old stuff backed up and upgraded both my blogs but left them as Kubricks right out of the box…

    which means…

    Most of my moderation was spam induced. Although its likely to come again at some time. Until you get hit by spam bots you dont really get the harshness of what spammers can do. I temporarily had comments opened on Pig Pen a couple of days ago and got about 1500 comment entries I had to delete manually. The next day the same.

    So at present if someone has commented here before then they’re approved to comment without moderation (I think anyway). New commenters get moderated the first time - just for spam catching purposes. I still reserve the right to not post comments that don’t contribute to the conversation though. Or sheer bullshit. There’s a common one where they just post quickly - I love your post and wish I’d said the same thing. The idea is the link back to them.

    The links in this current WordPress are no good for spammers though. There is a feature where all links are handled in the code to have an attribute called nofollow. That means Google won’t give them Google Juice for any link they put into these comments.

    So in short the conversion was due to a bloody hacker, the moderation off is a side effect of the bloody hacker - and you should catch Jet Li’s Unleashed I guess. Some serious kick arse there.

    Cheers Richard and when are you going to post again? I’m in withdrawal. Nobody seems to be blogging over the xmas and starting slow.