Page Source Order And Accessibility

“You might want to put your navigation first in your source order and not last”

Page Source Order & Accessibility - a Presentation to OzeWAI 2005 by Roger Hudson and Russ Weakley - (via Russ) has some great work on the best way to approach source order of code and skip links. The accompanying MP3 of the presentation may be useful here.

I’ve personally been in the position of having an Arthur or Martha idea of source order and been slowly pushed to the position of accepting it was better practice to put navigation last - against my better judgement. Why? Well it then becomes tedious to navigate. So its never really sat with me so well even if I’ve repeated the bad advice myself after some conversion. That’s the danger of having something repeated over and over. It may not necessarily be right.

Anyway this presentation suggests you might want to put your navigation first in your source order and not last as it may disorient novices whose user expetation is to find it first, use skip links and make links descriptive, use semantic and valid code and its suggested you use structural labels. All good advice.

I’m kind of glad to see something come out not expounding navigation last as the indisputable truth though. Ahh fresh air in the paddock again. Thanks Russ for pointing us to this one.

Update: 30/12/05
Creating Rounded Corner Pull-Out Quotes Using CSS which was presented to the TAFE Sydney Institute was also posted by Russ. Also an accompanying MP3 for better understanding.

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