Ionata - Web Developer Job

“Ionata have a Web Developer vacancy

Calling all Tasmanian standardistas with experience creating good quality products with open source technologies - Ionata have a Web Developer vacancy. Ionata are located in the historic Westella building in Elizabeth Street about 3 or 4 blocks from the Mall. Sweet location.

I had several emails earlier in the year with Ionata and they were very open and interesting people who I’d actually like to work for myself if only the time permitted. This is exactly the chance for someone who has skills in PHP, MySQL and XML to go in and show these guys a more refined way of doing things. It would be great to see Ionata get semantics, ditch tables, understand separation of content from presentation and behaviour.

So if there’s a web standards evangalistic developer kicking around with some hardcore kick ass backend skills this is one of those jobs I’d highly recommend. I post this because I know they’re out there.

Update: 26/12/05
If other Tasmanian developers feel they could get exposure to good quality front and back end skillsets via Pig Work site readers then I’m all too happy to post here any job vacancies that come up. In the end its about getting the best quality work out there and supporting the local industry with the talent that actually IS here on the ground. I’ve noticed in the last 2 years at University the calibre of web standards aware graduates is increasing.

Ionata in Westella

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