Static Front Page Over Blog With WordPress

“Look at the newish page in there called Creating a Static Front Page

Earlier in the week I mentioned I wanted to configure one client’s WordPress installation to not only have a static home page but also to have a fully functioning blog underneath - WordPress Static Front Page Plug-in Question. Apparently its the wrong question and I’d recommend rather than looking for the quick and nasty Static Front Page plug-in to do the job you go back and look in the WordPress Codex for answers.

In particular you might want to have a quick look at the newish page in there called Creating a Static Front Page. Basically this is in the vein of how I set up Hunter Island Press Inc not too long ago only you call in all of the WordPress stuff to that page just like anywhere else on the site.

I’d been looking at using MySQL to do all of this stuff as the easiest solution but had been casually tracking which higher method to feed my extracted content and filter it into valid XHTML. Its still a viable solution I expect but why bother when you can just hook right into the loops and method calls of WordPress itself.

So for anyone who hasn’t found how to get a static front page as well as a blog working for them there’s a page you might want to read in the Codex called Creating a Static Front Page.

Update: 12/11/05
If you find that your content isn’t formatted when it hits the page you’ll probably be looking for this to include in the top of your page:


This will turn it into valid XTHML - given that your static home page sits above your WordPress installation in a folder called sub.

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