HIP #11 Site Map

“Just formatted the Site Map and wondered…”

The Hunter Island Press Inc project means having some fun with lists again today - I’ve just formatted the Site Map and wondered if anyone has some feedback on this one. One potential issue I noticed is the inclusion of the site map page on the site map itself - is this good or bad? I’d personally suggest that although the site map link is redundant it still exists in the map of the site so I’ll leave it for the time being and try not to be too anal. Anyway its not a bad day to be sitting here listening to the Web Essentials 05 Podcasts either.

As an aside, I also enjoyed something else, Stefan Magdalinksi’s presentation - Forgiveness Not Permission (download MP3) - on the making of TheyWorkForYou.com and how they stole their content to achieve their higher goals (via Sandbox).

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