HIP #5 The HIP Blog Gets Content

“Don’t forget to check out the Hunter Island Press Inc blog

After attending a cancelled meeting this morning half the day is lost - what can I say I’m socially challenged and time poor! I’m pretty happy with the content of the portal page but think contact needs to drop out of that top navigation bar and home needs to go up there in its place. All places lead back to the portal baby.

I don’t know why but each time I install ChenPress it takes me ages to get the file upload happening. Doofus me forgot the Hunter Island Press Inc blog is in a subdirectory. Basically if you install ChenPress and find when you try to upload images you get an XML error and it says at the same time you don’t have permission to make folders - the answer is in your config file way down in chenpress / editor / filemanager / browser / mcpuk / connectors / php/ config.php where you just need to edit this line

$fckphp_config['UserFilesPath'] = "/sub/wp-content/files" ;

to reflect the appropriate path. Notice I’ve installed WordPress in a folder called sub.

You’ll also need to create some files to put your uploaded images and stuff into and don’t forget to CHMOD 777 so they’re read / write / execute for all users. Anyway just read the installation notes as its majorly simple.

OK I have a bunch of formatting to do in WordPress to rework the CSS today and I’d like to quickly make up holding pages on the portal page instead of there just being dead links so I’d better get my butt onto the work horse.

Don’t forget to check out the Hunter Island Press Inc blog as they’ve put up some prints and stuff as well.

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