HIP #3 Some Obvious Pimples

“Forget the fancy terminologies and think of it as making groups or sets”

OK so looking at Hunter Island Press Inc a couple of things are obvious. There’s divitis but as time goes on I particularly wanted some easy hooks in there, a judgement call I’d probably criticise someone else for and a little bit lazy. Remember this is legacy code. Also, if you check out the CSS there are still a couple of ambiguously named containers - but that’s probably picky.

No the first and major real issue is the list titled Information Links - its information architecture tells us it should be split into two lists. One list containing Calendar, Location, About and FAQ and a second list with the Hunter Island galleries, exhibitions and collaborations. That would make a lot more sense than having them in one list as well as making it a lot easier to find information. The human mind likes to draw patterns and relationships between information so if you group stuff the site gets more effective. Forget the fancy terminologies and think of it as making groups or sets.

Finally I’d drop my eyes to notice the author isn’t printed for the latest weblog articles. This is a simple SQL query pulling the information directly from the database so something is amiss.

A picky person might mention the colours and spacing of the containers but I’ll address those when everything is on the page rather than now.

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