HIP #2 Taking Control Of The Styles

“To rearrange the content of the page to reflect the drawing beside me”

After several tedious little issues cropping up - ain’t that the way of this business - I’m going to go into the Hunter Island Press Inc CSS with a couple of small missions. The first is to rename some of those containers to something more meaningful for this site. I doubt Cambodia and Laos will remain good identifiers for a group of Tasmanian artists. The second is to rearrange the contents of the page to reflect the drawing beside me. Artistic content to the left and site information to the right is a reasonable description (I’ll get rid of the Cambodia and Laos spiels as well). I’d be moving the search function towards the top of the page.

I remember when I looked at the original page layout for PC4Peace there was a strong sense of trying to think ‘What would the user be looking to do on this site?’ and ‘Why would the user be coming here’? There were also those couple of pull pieces to entice the user into deeper levels straight from the get-go.

Anyway, if I don’t have to go take the child to piano I’ll get into some page rearranging. The blog, for all intensive purposes is already functional and the RSS feed is working. I’d expect Linden to be blogging tonight and she might even put up those pictures from the Schoolhouse Gallery exhibition a few weeks ago. Hey they’re great pictures so give them a look - hell subscribe to the feed!

Time for a quick coffee and I promise not to fan-wangle my time away talking to visitors from now on.

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