HIP #1 - Some Perspective

“Its time for the live blogging event of the afternoon”

OK its time for the live blogging event of the afternoon where nortypig from Norty Pig pulls down the old and puts up the new. In this case I’m taking the old portal page dusting off in my drawer and remaking it to suit Hunter Island Press Inc’s needs.

Firstly why a portal? Well this started out as a normal site job and turned to a blog job and now the future scope of the work could be quite large. I’m thinking maybe a Wiki could come in handy, WordPress - and basically anything they decide they’d like. This could be a busy place over the next few years. So basically what we’re looking at doing is setting up a page with teasers that suck you into the featured articles and featured artist areas, the portal information that allows users to hit any part of the site and then the ability to search the site via the blog search form. Anyway you’ll see where I’m coming from soon enough.

So I’d better get some of this moving before my day runs out - we’ve got vistors.

Mmm looks a bit like the old PC4Peace setup… I’ll have to get a chopping!

Sorry about the delay I’m downloading a backup before proceeding…

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