Web Standards Are Your Responsibility

“I’ve been a web standards guy since early 2003 and don’t know any other way”

Actually Web Standards Are Your Responsibility says Keith and its something that I agree with entirely. Its up to us guys to get in there and make pages the right way and to the best of our ability. I doubt the way our car was stuck together much enters my head and likewise the client generally doesn’t give a toss as long as it works and its fast and slick.

There is a disclaimer though - that if I’m given a DreamWeaver table page from Company A that I have to work on for passing on to Company B then I really am not in a position to alter either company’s process as they could easily outsource to others. Not that that’s a real situation for me but its probably one I can imagine. Many businesses around here seem to require developers to contribute to group projects on this level - kind of understandable.

But that doesn’t negate the force of what Keith is saying by any means. I guess I’m one of the lucky or unlucky developers who doesn’t know any other way to make pages. I made one school project with frames and used Adobe GoLive but then that was only in about 2002. In around early 2003 I started to push into CSS and tableless layouts. Its now 2005 and I’m quite adept at getting my solutions built to technical specifications in pretty short time. OK I’m no graphic designer but give me the money to get one in on your job and we’re talking good stuff.

I make web standards compliant sites because its the only way I know how to put pages together. Its kind of funny really.

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