Are There Web Standards Jobs Out There

“Have your web standards skills gained you work?”

I’ve just been reading D Keith Robinson’s post asking - Standards Geeks Hard To Come By? He’s wondering if you’ve found it easy or hard to get work with your web standards skills? He’d probably like to hear your comments on it.

My personal experience is that 0 jobs have eventuated from my web standards skills - yes that’s a fact. Please prove me wrong there but its only my personal experience and not the bigger picture. I’ve noticed that either web companies want a DreamWeaver table designer or, if they get the standards thing, they want their in-house guys to get up to speed. In smaller work I’ve done its just a methodology and the clients don’t know (or don’t particularly care).

If you’re out hunting for a web standards advocate with a few years experience, strong XHTML and CSS skills, some PHP and MySQL with a smattering of formal training both in web design / development and mid way through a Bachelor of Computing degree (part time) - hey I might just be your guy! Oh and I know a bit about accessibility and usability and some basic SEO stuff.

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