WOW The FBI Emailed Me

Some time back now I had some hacking issues and had forgotten pretty much all about that dark week, or at least I put it in the back of my mind. Today I was playing in Outlook and internally thanking Mr Telstra for changing their mail configuration a short while back and lo and behold I got about 2500 old emails pumped right through from the server. We’re talking about February or even earlier as I didn’t read them all.

Well the one’s I’d never seen were interesting - the Breville toaster people had emailed in March offering some assistance but then I’d have to have not been in Tasmania to actually get the toaster fixed - kinda funny. And then there was the FBI who emailed me concerning the group of hackers wanting a long conversation. Wow my first one from those guys. But then I hadn’t received that email for some reason so it’s a bit worrying on a couple of levels.

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