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Archive for September, 2005

Friday, September 30th, 2005

Web Essentials 05 Podcasts Coming In

“Keep an eye on that podcast page “

The Web Essentials 05 Podcast page is offering up goodies as I write with Molly Holzschlag’s Web Essentials 05 Keynote, Celik Tantek’s talk on The Elements of Meaningful XHTML and Jeffrey Veen’s Beyond Usability: Designing the Complete User Experience.

I’d just like to thank the people involved in this event for involving us in the event as well. Its about the message after all and not necessarily the money generated by the large entry fees a lot of us couldn’t afford.

So keep an eye on that podcast page and there will be more arriving very soon no doubt. I’ll post them over on Pig Pen as they come up or as I get over to notice them as well.

Thursday, September 29th, 2005

HIP #9 A Chance To Get Back In There

“Bare with us and as we get time and opportunity sooner rather than later “

Tomorrow being Friday its finally time for me to get back into a day’s work on the Hunter Island Press Inc project I’m doing for my BSA309 Multimedia Professional Placement unit this semester. The final report is submitted by October 14 but the project itself will go into the summer I guess. I’m really excited about these guys because as they get assets up there and get a feel for interviewing and blogging they have the potential to actually be bloody interesting. I think there’s never enough interesting in the world or on the World Wide Web.

So it’ll be hard to sleep tonight (I’ve been busy on other things) and instead of counting sheep I’ll be thinking of ways to output information via MySQL and where to source content and graphics. Yes its just a shell at the moment with a sad palette. But bare with us and as we get time and opportunity sooner rather than later this will start to look a lot slicker and sweeter for sure.

Thanks a lot to my partner Linden Langdon for being my saving angel on this project as without her re-energising it I may have well come close to flunking the unit altogether.

Recent on Pig Pen

Paris Hilton On South Park

September 9th, 2006

Paris Hilton On South Park is funny, I must have missed this episode.

Best Web Based Applications

September 9th, 2006

Best Web Based Applications for small business from Forbes. (via Slashdot)

Happy Birthday Star Trek

September 9th, 2006

Happy Birthday Star Trek - wow 40 already! (via Slashdot)

CGI Timeline

September 9th, 2006

CGI Timeline has some interesting checkpoints along the way.

The New Influencers

September 9th, 2006

The New Influencers is a Web.2.0 book by Paul Gillin which is freely available online as a draft for review. (via Steve)

All About Designers

September 9th, 2006

All About Designers - Dan Saffer's need to know article for developers to understand the devil they're dancing with.

Accessibility Evaluation Tools

September 9th, 2006

Accessibility Evaluation Tools are assessed over on That Standards Guy - how useful are they? (via Roger)

Peter Brock Dead

September 8th, 2006

Peter Brock Dead in the same week as Steve Irwin - now that's spooky. Another Australian icon has passed. Rest in peace Brocky.

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Recent on Norty Pig

Business Issue #1: Silos

September 8th, 2006

Fast Company asks Do you suffer from silo dysfunction? We all live in silos and so its natural they exist inside organisations but if you know they're there you can break the down the barriers. Ken Yarmosh's article Why Web 2.0 Matters To Your Business - Knowledge Sharing is worth a read too.

Businesses Should Know...

September 1st, 2006

Roger Johansson's article 10 Things Businesses Should Know Before Building a Website adds to some others on the subject. If you're hiring or building a web site you should read this.

Gov't Work Postponed

August 30th, 2006

After a phone call with the relevant manager the public sector work will be postponed, so if anyone needs to use my services for 2 half days per week you need only use my contact page to reach me.

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