Census Date - Dropping BSA203 Tomorrow

I’ve just spent a couple of days honing an ethics essay for BSA309 Multimedia Professional Placement so there’s a shed full of burn out here at the moment. The looming Census Date for us, that’s the date you can pull out with no fees, is tomorrow at 4.30pm and I’m going to withdraw from the BSA203 Information Management unit that I mentioned in previous posts with the crap group assignment thing. But I’m going to do it with an attached document for the lecturer about what is wrong with this unit.

Would I pass? Do I know my stuff? Well yeh I think I do and I generally spend a half a day or more prior to workshops making sure I know it in advance. And I guess I’m one of about 5 people who turn up to lectures on the subject as well so I’m actually a good student.

Where this unit failed me as a student was leaving me vulnerable to a group report submitted in my name with no sign off from me. If one member plagiarised then I am a plagiarist for example. Would I put my academic record in the hands of X who is a weasley little shite? No I don’t think I will actually. The penalties and repurcussions are quite large.

So, unless the burn out wears off and I’m a jolly chap in the morning, I guess it’ll be a small drive over to the uni to put a line through BSA203 (more time for work). That a good student drops this unit should be of concern for the service provider but somehow I doubt it.

By the way, where does academic integrity stand on this one? If I wrote content for a group report but dropped the subject before the Census Date and wasn’t actually in the subject - how can work I’ve written contribute to someone else’s academic record? Now that’s Dr Who!

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