Marketing With RSS

High profile Microsoft blogger Robert Scoble has a couple of posts up about RSS which I thought were interesting. Or perhaps I just like them because I agree so wholeheartedly with him on this issue that it needs to be repeated to every client or potential client who walks in the door. The first article titled No RSS feed? It’s a genetic marker for “lame site” discusses why it’s necessary to have an RSS feed for any business site. His second article More about RSS and marketing sites hits the nail on the head. Most marketing sites exist to build relationships.

Perhaps it’s just me (and Scoble)? Why can’t a lot of other people see the potential for making more money off providing a simple RSS feed that is low effort, low cost and potentially quite lucrative? Of all the things I can offer a business who wants a new website this is one thing that I’ll put on the table to stunned silence. RS what?

The key is probably education. Education of businesses and developers that this is an effective and better relationship tool than providing an email mailing list. You ask for RSS feeds - it doesn’t spam you.

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