Bloggers Covering Local News

Blogspotting, the weblog of BusinessWeek Online, ran an article today asking Can blogs cover local news?. I don’t know about anyone else’s opinion but I’d have some serious concerns about bloggers officially replacing or becoming a part of the news reporting service

  • Lack of accountability and enforcable ethics in blog journalism
  • Potential for error or bias to creep into the report
  • The lack of censorship or creditable editorial responsibility
  • The potential for corruption increases if the blogger was ‘the’ news authority

While it’s the role of bloggers to keep the big bastards honest and be the unofficial watchdog of news services, I can’t see that we’re equipped morally, ethically, and accountably to fulfil the authoratitive function of official news broadcasting. Who would tell me not to say somebody I disliked may have committed the armed robbery of the local bank?

The news, biased from the big end of town as it is, is the best we’ve got. Imagine a world where there was no journalism as such and just blogging news. Where would you sort fact from fiction? How many bloggers don’t even bother to research?

While it is a great Utopian idea that with freedom of speech we will overthrow the order of things the reality is somewhat more sedate. Everything has it’s place in the world and blogging is interesting exactly for what we do now. I, for one, don’t want to become the local news.

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