Hand Coding With HTML Kit

Its important at some stage of your HTML education and beyond to understand the fundamentals that make the technology tick. With a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You - probably might - Get) editor it’s easy to drag on a table, insert some rollovers and publish an entire site without really having any grasp on the nuts and bolts that made that mechanism become a virtual reality on the Web. While I do know of some very successful and smart people who code in DreamWeaver design view it’s never been for me. If I’m only hand coding why would I want to pay a thousand dollars? I guess it’s every individual’s choice.

Personally I use HTML Kit from Chami for my hand coding of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP but it can be used for more including SVG and ASP if you’re interested. It’s standards compliant and only a 2.4 meg dowload - and oh yeh FREE. Plugins are categorised and easy to locate and to install them you just download the plugin and open HTML Kit, go to Tools / Install / Install Plugin from your top menu and simply point to the plugin you’ve downloaded. Your plugins can be located anywhere on your computer but it helps to keep them together. Next time you open your HTML Kit the new features are available.

While it’s not the only hand coding solution available it’s the one I personally use for all of my work and I know of quite a few high end professionals who also use it. I use WAMP 5 for my local development environment which installs PHP, MySQL, Apache web server, PHPmyadmin and SQLitemanager with a double click.

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  1. Lindy Says:

    thanks nortypig! your links and blogs are very useful for me (the beginner) and easy to follow!