Should You Be Podcasting?

What is podcasting and why have we been hearing so much about podcasting in the recent past? What can podcasting do? Why have I used podcasting in several sentences and not just used the ‘it’ word? Is podcasting something you even need to know about? Well yes to the last one and I’ll explain something about the rest in turn.

First, I mentioned podcasting over and over because I want you to remember it and not think of it as just another technical catch phrase. I don’t want you to dismiss it as superfluous trivia either because its a technology that’s going to change a lot of how we do things. Podcasting isn’t just about getting mp3s for your music collection.

Put simply when RSS became RSS 2 it provided the ability to include audio and video files into RSS feeds. Podcasting is the creation of an mp3 file that’s then made available with RSS 2. Its really as simple as that and some lateral thinking will no doubt come up with a gamut of applications you can put it to. With podcasts you can deliver you own radio show, its deliverable like all RSS at the users convenience and isn’t subject to the same laws that apply to real-time radio stations. The key is its easy to produce podcasts and they are available when users want to experience them - you just have to figure out how to make commercial profit from them with new business models.

In the bigger picture RSS and podcasting are changing the way we do business and how information and products are, or can be, delivered to our clients. Its a ‘user request’ and not a ‘company sent’ line of communication too which means you won’t be sending those unwanted emails out to people. Provide the RSS Reader and instructions how to install it and then point users to your RSS page. From then on the client has real time access to all of your product information via RSS and podcasts. Podcasting is just another dimension to the RSS experience.

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  1. nortypig Says:

    Of course indie bands are ideal for podcasting as well…