Links from Russ’ List

As a subscriber of the Web Standards Group mailing list the irregular page from Russ has often cost me half a day of reading. Like today for instance. Some of these I just have to pass on so excuse the nortiness of pinching yer links Russ but I honestly can’t help it today and I’m half way down the page.

First a subject close to home at the moment, Interview With a Link Spammer gives a good insight into who drives this end of the spam business.

Second How to Build a Successful Freelance Web Design Business was great. Even if you don’t read it all check out Kevin Airgid’s site. I know what some designers think about Flash but you can’t deny its Wow factor and after all its ‘mostly’ about money and ‘a bit’ about politics. A web designer I know says ‘all web designers are whores’ and we are, honestly, at least most of us, whores for the dollar. To those who can afford to retire I apologise no end and envy you no end.

Having read Kevin’s article I backtracked and read another one on Multidisciplinary Design which was food for thought, too.

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