Basic SEO Common Sense

Search engine optimisation has become a mixed bag of tricks in people’s minds where unscrupulous spammers stand next to more legitimate organisations and it becomes hard for the layman to see where they should put their money. The promises of number one results can even blind their eyes to the possibility they may do more harm than good by going to the wrong SEO company, in fact many tricks can lead to great initial results only to land them on Google’s banned list. Is it worth the risk?

A good primer for basic SEO is 456 Berea Street’s Basics of Search Engine Optimisation which simply explains good content that is well written with good links pointing to it and good page titles will put you in pretty good stead for Google and others to index your site.

Although I’ve never seen any solid proof that good semantic markup directly affects SEO personally it is widely accepted that if it doesn’t affect SEO directly then it definately does no harm. Why risk trying to fool a huge corporation like Google in the short term when they have the money and every reason to catch up with your latest tricks? CSS spamming seems to be a topic on unscrupulous lips today but what about its success tomorrow? And if you’re dishonest in your SEO why would we trust you in other business dealings? The moral of the story is do it right and you should be indexed for the right reasons.

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