Phono Phunk and Airbag

Just to lighten the mood and if you’ve never been there before you should check out a site that’s really kind of cool. Phono Phunk is the work of a Melbourne guy called John Serris who has a lets just say it ‘uber’ sense of humour. My faves about his site are the menus, cool style switcher setup an idiot like me can play with for hours - um left, right, left, center left, right, left, center right, umm doing it again aren’t I? Sorry. Read the ‘about’ page for a pretty good laugh. Which led me to remember this site, I’d forgotten I used to read it for a while and lost it somehow. A great read, Airbag has a bit of everything. Pink is a stark reminder of the willingness of Iraqi militants to attack the core of American values - ok Barbie! Next it’ll be Genie or bloody Flipper, pulling a look-a-like Mousketeer or an old retired president in front of the cameras. Now why was America in Baghdad again. Oh yeh the oil…

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