Importance of Aesthetics

For some time now the idea of usability first and then design has been a sore point at the back of my head, even to the point of when designing sites I’ll not do aesthetically pleasing things to enhance the look and feel in fear of overt criticism from peers and strangers alike. Know the feeling? Is aesthetics really second place to usability? I mean should we really be making some of the ugliest sites in the world just because the idea gestapo feel that all elements need to conform to a rigid box? This article on Digital Web Magazine offers a designers perspective. While usability and accessibility have their place its a fact you have about 6 seconds to snag your potential client or they just leave and never return. Personally, if I go to a large text only minimal graphic site with third world ugliness as a keystone I tend to leave really fast. Why? Because apart from any other research I’m still a human and pretty and pleasing make me feel more comfortable and confident about their business.

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