Bad Boy For Love

November 6th, 2006

Thirty days in the county jail
Let me out and I just wanted to wail
Some fool tried to hold me down
I got drunk and I ripped up the town

I’m a bad boy…a bad boy for love
I’m a bad boy…a bad boy for love

Well I…I went around just to see my chick
I found her room and it was candle lit
She’s makin’ love to another man
I shot ‘em both and they locked me in the slam

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One Of The Boys

November 6th, 2006

They were so damn glad when I left school
Said I was crazy ’cause I broke the rules
Time to start livin’ my teenage dream
Out on the streets it was rough and mean

That’s why…they call me one of the boys

sbobetonline . nursing school test bank Got tattooed arms and rings in my ears
Never gonna suffer a straight man’s fears
Better have a drink, crankin’ with the mates
Movin’ fast I’m gonna make the grade

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